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Low Cost Canovelles is a washing center specialized in industrial vehicles of all dimensions and weights , so we encourage you to come to our facilities when you need this service.

We offer a first-class service, both in terms of cleanliness and speed of washing, as well as customer service.

We have free service of: Shower, coffee or soft drink and living-dining room with Wi-Fi, so that the client feels as comfortable as possible while the washing is being done.

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Icono lavado de camión

 Industrial  Vehicles

Icono Engrase


Icono Desengrase y brillo de llantas

Tire degreasing and shine

Icono Hidratación de caucho para neumáticos

Rubber hydration for tires

Opinions of our clients

Enrique Villanueva

Good place to wash vehicles, good prices and very good treatment

Joan Ramón Bosch Sunyol

Fast, effective and good value for money. They are unbeatable in cleanliness and speed


We have only come once to wash the motorhome, and it turned out quite well. We will repeat.

Mark Saunders

The best truck wash in all of Barcelona... and beyond!!
Excellent service!!
You have to call in advance to make an appointment, and it's worth it, because they leave your truck like new!!


The best truck wash there is. Fast, efficient and perfectionist.

Sebastián mejía

Excellent treatment, while they wash your truck they offer you a coffee, Coca-Cola or whatever, the best car wash in Barcelona you could say

Lavadero Low Cost Canovelles caravana con espuma


Our services

We are a professional and committed team dedicated to washing industrial vehicles in Canovelles . Our facilities are designed and equipped to offer a fast and effective service. We have experts who are responsible for providing efficient and quality service to each client. At Lavadero Low Cost Canovelles we are proud to offer a comfortable and welcoming environment for our customers while they wait for their vehicles to be washed. We value your satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations with every visit.

Lavadero Low Cost Canovelles camión con espuma activa

Organic products

At Lavadero Low Cost Canovelles we use high quality ecological products for washing industrial vehicles. Our products are formulated to offer effective cleaning while respecting the environment. We care about minimizing the impact on nature and work with biodegradable products free of harmful substances. Our commitment to sustainability allows us to provide a safe and efficient laundry service without compromising quality. Trust us to take care of your vehicle and the environment in which we live.

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Icono calidad

Professional service

Icono Productos de alta calidad y biodegradables

Quality Products

Icono Resultados excelentes

Excellents results

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