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Insect Removal

In our insect removal service , we take care of effectively removing any traces from the body of your vehicle. 


Flying insects can leave stains and remains that are difficult to clean.


We use specialized products that guarantee the complete elimination of insects, without damaging the paint or other finishes of your vehicle. Our team performs a thorough and detailed cleaning, ensuring that no trace of insects is left in your vehicle.

Use of specific Products for each case

In our insect removal service, we use special products designed specifically for this purpose. These products are safe and effective at removing insect debris without damaging your vehicle's paint or other materials.


Our staff is trained in the proper use of these products, ensuring effective and safe cleaning. In addition, the special products we use also help prevent future insect infestations, keeping your vehicle protected and in optimal condition.

Icono insectos

No Trace of Insects

Our insect removal service ensures that no trace of insects is left on the body of your vehicle, leaving it spotless and stain-free.

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Use of Appropriate Products

We use special products that break down the organic matter of the insects and guarantee removal without damaging the paint or finishes of your vehicle.

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