Trust our team for an interior trailer wash 

Interior washing of trailers

Our interior washing service guarantees a thorough and meticulous cleaning. We use specialized products to remove dirt and odors, leaving your trailer spotless. In addition, we offer a disinfection certificate that guarantees the elimination of germs and bacteria.

Disinfection certificate

With the interior washing of the trailer we issue a certificate confirming that the product we use is registered in the pesticide registry of the General Directorate of Public Health.

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Organic products

In our interior trailer washing we use products that are not aggressive to the environment.

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Disinfection certificate

Our disinfection certificate guarantees that your trailer has been subjected to a complete and effective disinfection process, as marked by the product manufacturer.

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Professional washing

Trust our equipment to wash the interior of the trailer, leaving it clean, odor-free and disinfected.

Transport your merchandise in a clean and disinfected trailer