Extend the useful life of your tarps with our special washing service

Truck canvas renewal

Our canvas renewal service provides you with the perfect solution to give new life to your worn canvases. With special and high-quality products, we restore the appearance of your canvases.


Before changing your tarp and spending money, visit us! 


Recover the impeccable image of your canvases with our renewal service!

Renew canvases

We remove dirt, stains and residue, leaving your canvases impeccable and ready to last a few more years.

Icono lonas

Tarps like new

Our canvas renewal service returns them to the appearance of the first day.
Enjoy a new image of your vehicle.

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Tarpaulin maintenance

Keep your tarps in excellent condition with our maintenance service.               
We carry out a special washing of your canvas to prolong its useful life.

Impeccable and protected canvases